How do we do it?

We have the following machinery park:

  • Tangential grinding machines.
  • Thread grinders.
  • Manual grinding machines for internal and external diameters.
  • Numerical control grinders for interiors and exteriors.
  • Boring machines.
  • Spline grinders.
  • DIXI boring machines (manual and numerical control).
  • Deckel-Maho DMF260 5-coordinate machining center.
  • Kaisser balancing machine.
  • Threedimensional Zeiss.

Our approximate grinding capacities are as follows:

  • Horizontal cylindrical grinding: diameters from 1 mm to 300 mm up to lengths of 4000 mm.
  • Vertical cylindrical grinding: maximum turning diameter 1050 mm per length of 800mm.
  • Tangential grinding machines: Table of 600 mm * 1600 mm with height of 500 mm.
  • Boring machine: Table of 800 mm * 1600 mm with height of 800 mm.

However, depending on the type of piece, the possible fixings and the colocation of the piece in machine, the capacities of grinding can vary. That is why we recommend you to contact us and to expose your case, to be able to advise you with exactitude in your particular case.